Considerations for Minority and/or Ethnic Groups

In the past, some researchers were guilty of using minority participants in studies because the participants were compliant and ignorant of their rights as participants.  These groups bore the burden of research and often did not see any benefit for participating. The result (among other things) is a general distrust of researchers and an alienation from participating in research studies.  Minority groups and ethnic groups should not be targeted to participate in research studies unless the purpose of the research is to study that particular minority or ethnic group.  Participants should receive a full explanation as to the purpose of the study, including information as to why they were selected to participate.  The intent of some studies may be contrary to the beliefs of certain communities and participants should receive a full disclosure of the purpose of the study before they are asked to participate. In general, the Board asks that if you are working with a race or ethnicity that is different from your own, please act with sensitivity and respect throughout all aspects of the study.